What is eSports?

It is short for “electronic sports”, which is used to describe competitive gaming,
as it is a tournament where audiences can enjoy watching the games and be involved.
In the late 90's when internet started to spread, battle games started to evolve.
At the Asian Indoor Games run by the Olympic Council of Asia, they have acknowledged eSports as an official sport starting 2007.
In Japan, it is said that 2018 was the initial year of eSports as it was nominated in "buzz-words-of-the-year” contest
which lead to a great market expansion and recognition.

eSports Event Division

Manages offline events and professional league as an eSports brand.
RAGE was founded in 2015 as a mixture of next-generation eSports tournament and entertainment through the collaboration of CyberZ, Inc., Avex Entertainment, Inc., and TV Asahi Corporation.
Our RAGE events has reached over 100 thousand visitors after 2017.
With visitors and viewers altogether, it has grown into the largest eSports event in Japan.

Business Portfolio

eSports event, Event operation, Pro-league management


An ad agency focused just on eSports

By utilizing the knowledge gained from CyberZ's eSports division which was founded in 2015, we offer branding strategies, sales promotion and content development, operating and management, and tie-up with pro gamers related to eSports.


CyberE, Inc.


23F Shibuya Scramble Square, 2-24-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6121, JAPAN


Sungshin Moon


December 1, 2018

Business Portfolio

eSports ad marketing, Event production, Pro-gamer tie-up


We offer tie-ups with our eSports brand, RAGE


eSports Live Stream Platform

A free app/website users can enjoy streaming by themselves and watching broadcasts of game commentary and game play videos of various streamers including famous gamers.
Other inquiries include streaming eSports tournaments and original shows.
We own one of the largest studios specialized for eSports in Japan, with the latest equipment to create shows.

Business Portfolio

Game commentary, Live video platform


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