Message from CEO

We continue to revolutionize the mobile market
and stimulate the world economy.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Our mission is to continuously revolutionize the smartphone market and stimulate the world economy. We take great pride in consistently bringing new value to the smartphone market while upholding ethics and compliance to gain support from the society. Thank you for your continuous understanding and support.

Founded in 2009, with the mobile marketing as the main core, providing ad tech solutions through our marketing solution tool “F.O.X”, and creating offices in San Francisco・Korea・Taiwan in order to better support our global clients. In 2016, we continue to challenge ourselves by creating a game streaming platform “” and have put in effort to support the eSports market.

Mobile has become a means to connect to the world, even in the business scene, and has become an essential part of our everyday lives. We will be reaching beyond the mobile device itself, and into the environment that evolves around the device channel in order to innovatively create a dynamic economical structure.

As our company slogan is to “continue to revolutionize the mobile market and stimulate the world economy.
”, we will continue to innovatively challenge ourselves to become the bridge between Japan and the world to support and answer the needs of our international clients.