We continue to revolutionize the mobile market
and stimulate the world economy.

We gained from the smartphone market by utilizing the knowledge.
We will continue to create new services to answer market needs.

Smartphone Ad Agency Division

We offer a wide variety of marketing for smartphone ads, from media buying and testing, OOH, and web commercial production.
Other than Japan, we hold branches in San Francisco, Korea, and Taiwan to support advertisers to advertise outbound and inbound of Japan.

building>Ad operation>performance

eSports Division

We run the biggest eSports tournament, “RAGE”, in Japan along with Avex Entertainment Inc. In 2018, we founded CyberE, Inc, which focuses on ad marketing for eSports.

Smartphone Media Division

We provide a LIVE video streaming platform called “”.
Users can enjoy real-time communication through high quality graphics and top level low latency of streaming live broadcasts in the industry.