Continue to create new values in the smartphone market

As a pioneer in the smartphone market in Japan, we utilize our knowledge and experience to provide services globally,
with focuses in the Asian, United States, and European markets.
We provide leading-edge services based on our expertise and innovative spirit.

Smartphone advertising agency

CyberZ was founded in 2009 as an advertising agency that specializes in smartphone marketing. Since then, we have been providing advertising and marketing services throughout the world, including Asia, US, and in Europe. Our in-house smartphone marketing solution, Force Operation X (F.O.X) is integrated with over 4,000 apps globally, and continues to support promotions in various industries.

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Smartphone media business

CyberZ goes beyond advertising to develop products to enhance smartphone gameplay experience for users. Our newest product, “OPENREC,” allows in-game recording, editing and sharing. This is just one example of developments to enhance the growth of the smartphone market at large.

Smart ad technology business

“Force Operation X” was the first tool developed in Japan for ad tracking and measurement in apps. F.O.X. is officially recognized as a Facebook “Mobile Measurement Partner,” and a Twitter “Marketing Platform Partner.” Furthermore, F.O.X has been integrated with major media partners such as iAd, Google, and LINE. With great localization efforts to support different countries and languages, we are proud to say that F.O.X is the world’s most widely integrated tool, in Japan and globally.

Global business

In 2012, we launched our US office in San Francisco to support advertisers seeking to enter foreign markets— “Japan to Global” and “Global to Japan.” We have been driving the implementation of F.O.X. with our Asian and US media partners, thus bolstering the ease of smartphone advertising when using a globally recognized tool such as F.O.X. One SDK connects you to a multitude of media partners all over the world.

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