Top gamer Umehara will participate... in 「TOPANGA LEAGUE」, one of the biggest Japanese e-Sports league which will be broadcasted on for FREE starting Febuary 10, 2017!

CyberZ, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo Prefecture/Shibuya Ward, CEO: Takahiro Yamauchi), a consolidated subsidiary company of Cyber Agent, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo Prefecture/Shibuya Ward, CEO: Susumu Fujita, Tokyo Stock Exchange listing code: 4751) has gained exclusive rights to broadcast the [Vainglory International Premiere League (VIPL)] in collaboration with OGN (Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea, CEO: Bo Paly).

The tournament will be broadcasted throughout only [], a Japanese video platform for gamers, has been granted exclusive rights to deliver the video content.

In collaboration with TOPANGA, CyberZ, Inc, a consolidated subsidiary company of Cyber Agent, Inc. is launching an exclusive streaming, TOPANGA LEAGUE on February 10, 2017 through their game streaming platform, [].
TOPANGA is a large organization that seeks for a higher recognition for games. Professional gamers join to battle in TOPANGA LEAGUE, one of the biggest e-Sports league in Japan. [] will be streaming exclusively the 6th official competition for the first time.

CyberZ will invigorate game video community along with game players’ knowledge and techniques.



Feburary 10th, 2017(Fri.)~March 5th, 2017(Sun.)


A Block B Block C Block
CO|Go1 (Chun-Li) ORTV|Nuki (Chun-Li) TG|MOV (Chun-Li)
FOX|Tokido (Akuma) FOX|Momochi (Ken) Eita (Ken)
ISM|Haku (M. Bison) Galtu (M. Bison) HORI|Sako (Akuma)
AW|Nemo (Urien) Inaba (Urien) YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
MJS|Haitani (Necalli) Gachikun (Rashid) Storm-Kubo (Alex)
BST|Daigo (Ryu) DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) Mago (Karin)
GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy) Bonchan (Nash) TG|Fuudo (R. Mika)




Exclusive streaming on:「」
App Store:
Google Play:


・Online league
1.Divide blocks into Block A, Block B, Block C
2.Winner will move on to the final league
3.Second to Fifth place will move onto a online league

Feburary 10th, 2017(Fri.)20:00~24:00
Feburary 11th, 2017(Sat.)19:00~23:00
Feburary 12th, 2017(Sun.)19:00~23:00
Feburary 17th, 2017(Fri.)20:00~24:00
Feburary 19th, 2017(Sun.)19:00~23:00

・Offline League
Feburary 24th, 2017(Fri.)19:00~23:00
Feburary 25th, 2017(Sat.)19:00~23:00
Feburary 26th, 2017(Sun.)19:00~23:00

・Final League(Offline League)@RED BULL STUDIOS TOKYO(Brordcasting by
March 3rd, 2017(Fri.)19:00~22:30 (door open:18:30)
March 4th, 2017(Sat.)17:00~20:30 (door open:16:30)
March 5th, 2017(Sun.)17:00~20:30 (door open:16:30)


■About CyberZ Inc.

CyberZ was founded in 2009 as an advertising agency that specializes in smartphone marketing. Since then, we have been providing advertising and marketing services throughout the worldwide areas, including San Francisco, Korea and Taiwan. In February 2011, a smartphone advertising analysis tool 「Force Operation X」
,CyberZ provides, enables to measure the smartphone advertising effectiveness for the first time in Japan. It has been qualified by「Facebook Marketing Partners」; Facebook Inc. and 「Twitter Official Partners」; Twitter Official Program. Also, in media business, we have been managing 「OPENREC, tv」; Game video distribution platform, and 「RAGE」; esports competition since 2015 in Japan.

■Corporate Profile

Name: CyberZ, Inc.
Address: 16F Shibuya Mark City West, 101201, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established: April 1, 2009
CEO: Takahiro Yamauchi
Business Portfolio: Smartphone advertising and marketing agency and smartphone media business,e-Sports business

■For inquiries regarding this press release, contact

Public Relations, CyberZ Inc:Takai
E-mail: Tel:+81-3-5459-6276